Storage optimization specialists

Smart Storage Systems specializes in complete line of automatic vertical lift systems for warehouses, installing the most suitable storage systems in all areas

Storage facilities or warehouses now come across necessity of efficient area utilization and process improvement due to space shortage. Businesses with supplies stored in large amounts always have high level of storage expenses. Therefore, optimization of storage facilities and upgrading the processes is the most significant challenge that a warehouse or distribution center manager may face. Warehouse should be managed by implementing new innovative approach and using knowledge and experience in the field of logistics and distribution.

Efficient warehouse is targeted towards increasing the amount of stored goods, optimizing the warehouse personnel, eliminating inefficient manual tasks and enlarging storage space by renting extra facilities, as well as simplifying extraction of the necessary goods by using modern technologies.

Good warehouse management can be fundamental to increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency, meeting customer demand and thus also increasing profits. Your warehouse play a truly crucial role in the correct functioning of your entire business.

Denize Lapina Managing Director

Representation offices in Latvia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are distributing Modula, LISTA and Baumalog storage solutions.

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