MODULA Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Modula WMS software is a complete inventory management software ideal for all Modula automated storage equipment, such as VLM’s, vertical carousels and horizontal carousels as well as with traditional storage methods,
such as shelving or racking.

Modula WMS software can be used as the perfect complement to all Modula vertical units or even as a stand alone software tool for a traditional warehouse (manual areas).

The many benefits of Modula’s intelligent, advanced WMS software systems include:

  • Complete inventory visibility and control
  • Exceptional picking and replenishment accuracy and efficiency
  • Unrivaled automation, substantially reducing cumbersome, time-consuming paper and manual processes

Once you have chosen right software for your needs, which will already be predisposed to interface with your ERP, it will be installed by our team, who will also help train your staff through dedicated training programmes.

WMS Installation

Modula WMS software is installed by specialised computer technicians using a wizard that provides a rapid, guided installation procedure. Once the program has been installed on the server and on any clients, and the warehouse has been configured, the system is ready for immediate use.

Integration with a host management system

Our WMS’s come ready for connection to any ERP through a series of interfaces.
For integration with the company ERP, Modula provides blueprints for the creation of standard interfaces with protocols such as ASCII, DRC, XML etc.


After installation and the initial configuration of the Modula VLM units, the staff that will be using the software will receive basic training in the use and operation of the software and its functionalities.
On request, additional in-depth training sessions are available if required.


Choose the version of the Modula WMS most suited to your warehouse

Modula WMS Base

Modula WMS Base is considered our entry level package and is bundled with a Modula purchase; it is suitable for the management of one or more warehouses.
This package can manage a maximum of 3 workstations including 1 server.

  • Item register management
  • Physical inventory management
  • Warehouse location management using a graphical tool
  • Materials handling management through immediate requests
  • User management with three levels of access
  • Management of physical inventories of the warehouse
  • Manual import/export data exchange system with the client’s ERP of fixed format ASCII files
  • Advanced security management with restricted access to specific items and trays based on
    user’s role

Modula WMS Premium

The most complete package for warehouse management. All the functionalities of the BASE package, plus many others.

  • Automatic item-compartment allocation and dynamic location management.
  • Lot and serial number management
  • Full management with custom tracking of automatic import/export in ASCII, ODBC, Excel and Xml file formats
  • Management of free or tabled sub-codes
  • Material status management
  • Pack type management
  • Expiration date management
  • Advanced user management; configuration of enabled procedures for each individual user
  • Material management by FIFO or by sub-code priority (e.g. picking can be performed giving priority to the lowest and therefore the oldest lot code)
  • Justification management for immediate requests
  • Full management of warehouse statistics
  • Customization of print reports via print management tool
  • Customization of printed label layout using dedicated tools

Advanced picking

This module provides functionalities to improve picking and replenishing. The advanced picking module is ideal for the management of bays, picking carts, and Put to Light.

  • Packing list management
  • Assembly kit management
  • Shipping bay management
  • Warehouse management of materials in transit (packages, cartons, boxes)
  • Automatic creation of storage compartments during replenishing operations
  • Serial number management (management of multiple serial numbers for the same item associated with an individual compartment)

Advanced item management

This module extends the functionalities for item management:

  • Management of the pre-defined orders that can be replicated as required
  • Association of images to items
  • Grouping of items into families to define common characteristics
  • Grouping of items into categories for improved search and filtering capabilities
  • Extended fields for item management, orders and order lines via additional attributes
  • Management of alternative article codes
  • Management of borrowed material picking

Manual warehouse

This module allows the management of manual areas by software with the following functionalities:

  • Management of manual warehouses using an intuitive graphic tool
  • Management of picking activities in manual areas
  • Management of material splitting between different areas on the basis of the quantities handled
  • Management of material reintegration between areas on the basis of user-definable minimum stock levels for different areas
  • Entry area management
Radio frequency terminals
This module allows the management of manual areas by software with the following functionalities:
This module can extend the functionality of manual warehouse management with the use of radio frequency terminals base on Windows CE for all warehouse operations.

Modula does not supply terminals but recommends Motorola, Intermec, Denso.

Robot interface

Modula warehouses can interface with anthropomorphous robots. Prerequisites are as follows:

WMS premium license to use the standard for integration between the Modula unit and an anthropomorphous robot. Communications are possible via Siemens PLC or Sockets, with the same command structure used for both solutions.

Robot interface kit installed on the electrical panel for management of electrical signals: 3 output signals from the Modula to the Robot and 2 input signals from the Robot to the Modula.

IDOC: ad hoc SAP protocol

This refers to the exchange of data between SAP WMS and Modula WMS (in ASCII format) via IDOC assuming that SAP contains the WM module.
The Modula WMS must be seen by SAP as a black box to which the requests and results of the requests are sent via IDOC.

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