LISTA Electronic Control (LEC) cabinets


The electronically controlled access system LISTA Electronic Control gives you maximum flexibility to allocate and manage access rights.

This means that you can not only control access to the entire cabinet, individual drawers or the drawer compartments developed specially for this system but can also combine different system versions in a single cabinet. Just as required.

Ideal protection

from unauthorised access

Constant availability and full traceability

of valuable or scheduled inventory 24/7

Maximum flexibility

through individual access rights and locking levels

Simple control

thanks to intuitive operation

Additional security

through metal drawer compartments specially developed for this system

Reduced inventory loss and better planning

giving direct cost savings and increased productivity


No more product shrinkage

Using LISTA LPC, access rights can be assigned to individual drawer compartments, which means that individual inventory items can be released only to specific People.

The system is intelligent

Information about issues and returns is stored and evaluated. It is recognised ahead of time when an item will run out.

Flexible assignment of rights

Different access rights can be set up for a cabinet, which means, for example, that a trainee only has access to a few compartments, but a skilled worker has access to everything in the cabinet.

Application areas

Machining industries

Thanks to controlled issuing and reordering of relevant parts, production downtime can be avoided. Decentralised storage ensures that everything is always in the right place.

Maintenance, repair and reconditioning

Being able to track issues and returns of valuable tools enhances security. In addition, costs are lowered due to a reduced shrinkage rate.

Health Care

LEC technology provides protection against unauthorised access and meets the legal requirements for securing and recording the handling of sensitive medications and narcotics.

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