MultiTower with stacker crane for profiles


MultiTower automated storage system with stacker crane is used to store steel plates, profiles, pipes, bars, and other materials, especially oversized and heavy ones.

System consists of multi-segment steel construction allowing for storing materials on movable trays. Its supporting structure consists of front and rear part with stacker crane moving between these parts on guide rail.

System may be equipped with many loading and unloading stations facilitating loading materials to be stored and their transporting to numerous machines in technological line (e.g. punching machines, laser cutters, etc.)

Storage control system allows for integration with ERP/WMS class systems and enables carrying out comprehensive warehouse management (e.g. minimum status monitoring, location, electronic order management, applying of FIFO principle).

System eliminates necessity to use forklift to transport materials between elements of technological line, which increases effectiveness and safety of work.

Features of automated storage system with stacker crane

  • Tray capacity – up to 5,000 kg
  • Tray maximum length – up to 12 m
  • System height – up to do 20 m
  • System length – up to several hundred meters
  • System capacity – up to several thousand tons
  • Possibility of adding various loading and unloading stations (fixed or movable stations, buffer storage areas)
  • Optional equipment – stations exiting outside the building
  • Possibility of constructing self-supporting storage system, where its supporting structure supports also building’s facade
  • Control system integration with ERP and WMS class systems
  • Possibility of autonomous operations, without operator’s supervision

Advantages of using automated storage system with stacker crane

  • Automation of storage and internal transporting process
  • Saving storage area – excessive amount of materials is stored in small area
  • Easy and fast access to stored materials
  • Significant increase of storage effectiveness thanks to elimination of forklift to transport materials
  • Significant increase of safety of work
  • Utilisation of available building height
  • Possibility of immediate integration of warehouse with numerous machines in technological line
  • Controlling warehouse and production processes thanks to integration with ERP and WMS class IT systems


  • In production – as a warehouse of components (e.g. bars, plates, technological tools)
  • In storage and distribution (e.g. warehouse for pipes or profiles)
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