Modula Pallet


Modula Pallet: the automatic storage system for the safe, efficient, ergonomic storage of pallets

Pallets are among the most used means for handling goods in the warehouse.

Thanks to its automatic technology, Modula Pallet makes it possible to handle 1200 x 800 mm Euro pallets – as well as other pallets or boxes with similar dimensions – autonomously and safely.
Developed to improve ergonomics, it is the automated replacement of traditional racking systems and allows pallets to be handled in total safety, avoiding suspended loads as loading is done from the ground.

Modula Pallet is the automated solution for those who look for a safe, ergonomic, and efficient storage system.

Quick and easy to install, it has several advantages:

  • pallets can be stored exploiting the height of the warehouse and thus freeing space on the ground
  • pallets are handled from the ground with no need for forklifts
  • the system acts as a buffer in receiving and shipping goods while providing a temporary storage solution for incoming/outgoing goods.



The automatic storage system Modula Pallet has been designed for the storage of 1200×800 mm Euro pallets, in any case allowing the use of standard trays for bulk material.

The loading bay measures the incoming pallet, checking its weight and height. Based on the resulting values, the system identifies the most suitable position among all those available in the storage system.

Modula Pallet has an automated loading bay designed for use with:

  • manual pallet truck
  • electric pallet truck

You will finally be able to load pallets from the ground:

  • without lifting them
  • without any danger
  • without working at height
  • without forklift drivers

Piece Picking

You can access the goods directly from the side windows of the loading bay with no need to remove the pallet completely from the machine.

Mixed storage

The automatic storage system Modula Pallet can store pallets but also bulk and packaged products or boxes.
Modula Pallet has in fact been designed also for mixed storage: some trays are used for storing pallets while others exploit the lift technology for storing other materials. In this case there will be a specific pallet bay for pallet management and another opposite bay for standard picking operations.

Integration with other technologies

Modula Pallet is based on modular and intelligent technology which, thanks to the Modula WMS software, integrates with other technological solutions such as:

  • AMR
  • AGV
  • Roller conveyors

In this way, the whole process can be managed completely automatically.

It is possible to combine multiple Modula Pallet storage systems and equip only one of them with the loading bay. An internal shuttle will allow you to move the load from one storage system to another. It will be possible to place and pick from a single point while storing in different units.

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