LISTA ESD solutions


LISTA supplies plant equipment in an ESD-safe version to reliably protect electrical and other ESD-sensitive components and parts in production, storage and assembly from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Our ESD solutions comprise a broad spectrum of ESD-safe equipment from ESD workplace to lamps and accessories with ESD protection. The LISTA system enables the configuration of every ESD workplace according to individual requirements and thus ensures complete ESD protection in this way.

Our ESD competence for you

In order to effectively protect you and your company against economical damages resulting from ESD, we offer complete ESD planning and implementation – from the consulting phase right through to installation. To do this, we have combined our years of experience in workstation development with a sound knowledge of ESD safety and developed a comprehensive range of ESD equipment. For example, all painted surfaces have a special LISTA ESD coating which dissipates charges in a controlled manner and prevents electrostatic discharge.

Overview of LISTA ESD solutions

LISTA can supply you with the entire plant equipment in an ESD-safe version:

  • ESD workbenches and workstation systems
  • ESD desk chairs
  • Superstructures, lamps and storage containers with ESD protection
  • ESD drawer cabinets
  • ESD assembly trolleys
  • ESD drawer storage walls
  • ESD cabinet systems
  • ESD shelving systems
  • ESD partition material

1 Workstations

The perfect ESD workstation is ergonomically adaptable and ESD protected. Electrostatic charges are dissipated in a controlled manner via the working surface and grounding cable so that the workstation stays charge-neutral.

2 Personnel grounding

People are a primary source of electrostatic charges. Wrist strap with grounding cable and shoes are therefore recommended for people working in an electronics manufacturing environment. Desk chairs or stand-up seats should also have ESD protection.

3 Storage

Electronic components are best stored in closed ESD drawers or hinged door cabinets as well as ESD shelving (Faraday cage) with appropriate ESD containers.

4 Markings

ESD-protected areas must be marked. Signs or additional labels should be used to warn of ESD-sensitive components.

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