Automated Modula vertical warehouse system is designated to storing different kinds of goods of all sizes, from microchips and pharmaceuticals to large and heavy vehicle parts like engines and turbines. Vertical lift systems are known to cut down the warehouse floor space by 90%, improve efficiency of production and the storage facility in general, advancing the throughput of picking and extraction, in the same time mitigating personnel and product risks.

Swiss manufacturer LISTA offers a broad line of exceptional products for workspace organization that boost the efficiency. Manufactured from standard modules, these goods make it possible to present individually tailored solutions to customers and use the area of manufacturing plant in the most effective way.

Baumalog is a Polish manufacturer of automatic warehousing and conveyor systems for large loads and products for use in various industrial fields. It handles all the manufacturing stages beginning from the overall design concept towards manufacturing and installation, following with maintenance and guarantee services. Baumalog products assist the customers to shorten down warehouse area, shrink the time of manufacturing processes along with increasing their efficiency.

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